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I Wanna Claim!

Because I Can Claim Them!

I_Wanna_Claim Community!
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Hello There!
Welcome to i_wanna_claim community.

This is an Anime, Manga, Game claiming community.

However, due to some demands, we also include in this community new projects. We introduce, the new J-Drama, Books (Novels, etc.) and Cartoon claims as a new project for this new year. And also, the claim limit is now increased to 10 people per claim.

We might just skip the introductions and go on with the rules. But, just to let us introduce ourselves or should I say the people you should know who are in control of this community.

taki_takaishi - Head/Moderator of the Claiming Community
austere_flare - Co-Mod
victoria_07 - Co-Mod

Oh and We hope you enjoy the offer we are giving you!
1. You can only claim in this community the following:




J-Drama - new to the community

Books - new to the community - novels and others

Cartoons - new to the community - this is different from anime cartoons, and includes Avatar and others.

We don't accept the following: Real People (Characters only for those who cast in the JDrama), Singers and others not on this list.

2. I would like to inform you, how the claim system works.
*If you are going to claim a character/thing/unknowns, please indicate if you are going to claim it from the anime, manga, games, jdrama, books, cartoons or a combination of the above.

*If you are gonna claim a character from any of the above and you said you want to claim this character from more than just one category then it is considered as one claim! This is an good offer!

*Here are some examples.
======> ex.1. Reno - Anime and Game = consider as 1 claim
======> ex.2. Reno - Game = consider as 1 claim

*In short, you must indicate it so that we will know and we won't get confused. If it is separate it means you are claiming 2 in 1 character, so you must indicate anime and game and others so that your claiming opportunity won't go to waste.

3. YOU can have 20 claims.
If you want additional claims, well, I might reconsider some events which you can claim 5 more.

4. Now, a certain claim of characters and etc. is ONLY LIMITED up to 10 people. Once it is full, you can't claim it anymore. So, you have to find or type other claims.

5. Read the following:
Anime Claim List : Letter A to M
Anime Claim List : Letter N to Z
Manga Claim List
Game Claim List
Book Claim List
J-Drama Claim List
Cartoons Claim List

so that you will know the updates.

6. This is a first come first serve basis. So, if the list is full, I am sorry if you can't claim it anymore, choose another claim. Don't just check the claim list - also check the posts of the other members whose claims aren't approved yet (those that have no comments from us yet), because whoever posts first gets it.

7. You must be a member of this community to claim certain 'things'. We won't accept claims who the people are not a member. It's unfair to others. To maintain your claims, you must stay in the community, if not, it will be erased from the list.

8. If you are a member and you still have remaining need claims. Please go to this link so you would know. The Remaining No. of claims. If you are going to place another claim, please tell me if you claimed before or you are a newbie.

9. No fighting! No Foul Words! Be Nice!

10. When claim/s are approved, please link back here! So that people will recognize it too!

11. Please be honest when you are claiming; mods are humans too. We make mistakes with claims, but of course, when you come to us, we'll look into it. You can't lie to us. *cue evil laughter*

12. If you want to promote your community please click HERE

13. If you read the rules and stuff, please put in your subject line 'I Wanna Claim!'. So it is a proof that you read the rules. If not, you can't claim the things you want!

14. Oh and, please promote this community! Because the purpose of this community is to give you and the other people happiness! This the link to other banners, Banner Page

The codes for the layout are taken from minty_peach